Sargeras - Closed Beta

Vanilla Classless Content
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Realm Information

Sargeras is Awakening's First Test Realm. The realm features a A progressive Classless system starting from vanilla. Sargeras features hardcore elements like hunger, High risk death, and Randomly Enchanted items.

Faction Balance

A quick overview of the current balance between the Alliance and the Horde

3581 CHARACTERS 59% Alliance
2507 CHARACTERS 41% Horde
6088 Characters

Race Balance

A quick overview of the current race balance between all races.

5% 331 Dwarves
7% 442 Gnomes
34% 2040 Humans
13% 768 Night Elves
11% 677 Orcs
9% 521 Tauren
7% 442 Trolls
14% 867 Undead